animBot Educational Edition

$0.00 for 4 months and a $200.00 sign-up fee



What?! $200!!!
That’s not the real price, this is just to prevent getting it without a valid coupon. You can still purchase it without a coupon if you wish, but it’s not recommended!

Don’t have a coupon? Talk to your school.

Because I’m a one-man-band, I can’t deal directly with students as this is a very time consuming task that I can’t humanly handle. So the school needs to be involved. If you are a student, please reach to your school and ask them to contact me about it, I’ll handle it with them directly and you should get info on how to get the license directly from them. The key part to make it work is to show YOUR interest to them, better yet if you gather with students on your class and reach them all at once.

If you represent or speak in behalf of an animation school, please contact me at