Enterprise Edition Purchasing Options

The best option for companies is the Enterprise Edition, which will give you central installation, floating licenses (RLM), flexible terms and all the security standards, support and network deployment features that a company needs.

It can be purchased in two different ways:

1. Self Checkout

This option is generally best under 50 licenses and if your company purchase process fits all of the following:

  • No human interaction during the purchase, with the exception of any one-time setup that your company might require, such as vendor setup forms, agreements, etc.
  • No purchase order.
  • Immediate payment only by Credit Card or Paypal.
  • Immediate license fulfillment (the license start date can be set up to 30 days in the future).
  • Minimum term 1 week, maximum 1 year.

Pricing is highly discounted due to the automated system. Click below to check pricing and to proceed with a purchase.

You can add licenses that expire together with your existent licenses by following this guide: How to co-term licenses from Self Checkout

2. Assisted Purchase

This option is best over 50 licenses or in case your company purchase process doesn’t fit the Self Checkout option. You will be assisted during the whole purchase process.

  • Purchase Orders accepted.
  • Net-30 invoicing.
  • Payment methods accepted: Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.
  • License fulfillment normally takes 2 business days.
  • Volume discounts available.
  • Custom volume fluctuation on a monthly basis available.
  • Minimum term 1 month, maximum 1 year.

The pricing for this purchasing option is calculated at a different rate, based on volume. Monthly rates per license goes as follows:

1st-5th $65
6th-50th $25
51st-100th $21
101st-150th $12
151st-200th $5
201st-250th $3
251st-… free

A discount is applicable at sign up and term renewals orders:
3-5 months: 10%
6-11 months: 20%
1 year: 30%

Orders under $500 will have a flat $80 processing fee applied. Paypal invoices over $1,000 will have a 3.5% surcharge applied.

Customer can inflate the amount of licenses at any time or deflate them at the end of the preferred term.
Pricing for adding licenses during the term is pro rated.

For instance, a new sign up for one year at 60 licenses is calculated as follows:

(5 x $65) + (45 x $25) + (10 x $21) x 12 months – 30%


A customer can also combine purchases with both methods, for instance placing an Assisted Purchase order and a few additional Self Checkout orders. This can be useful in cases where a company has a limit threshold for Credit Card purchases.

It’s important to mention that, no matter which purchasing method you use, the product and its support level is exactly the same, as well as the RLM floating licensing system.